Wednesday, May 2, 2007


RAID controller going crazy way to often.
Reports power failures, breakes mirrors, had to be rescan.
Only good thing is that hpncli utility allows rebuild everything online, without taking server down.
Can't wait to decomission this SCO beast.
The sooner the better.

Dell is crazy

I ordered computer from Dell last month - had to wait 3 weeks, deal with 4 people via e-mail:
Vishnu, Kranthi , Gautam , Maheshwari .
Ordered 5 more again - and now they ask who am I - and order was placed via their own system, with user name and password ...
Name of the new person is Sheela.

Resume: Dell makes good computers, local tech support in North America is good enough, sales support is outsourced to India and staffed with idiots.